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A little over 23 years ago, my wife and I began our walk with the Lord. In the beginning I was made a deacon at the Way of Life Tabernacle in Richwoods, Missouri. We were there over two years and saw many souls added to the church. I was appointed as youth pastor of Apostolic Fellowship in Cadet, Missouri for a year and a half which led to street meetings. This later led us to rent a building in 1999 in Richwoods, Missouri for monthly meetings. We also purchased a tent for open air meetings. Our first tent revival, in August of 1999, has led to many other tent revivals and bigger tents. In the Fall of 2000, we were called to pastor Richwoods United Methodist Church and were there about two years.   We then moved into a bigger building and started the first Book of Acts Church.  Out of this new pastorship and over the years, we have seen several more churches planted. After about 13 years at Book of Acts, God called us out to full time evangelism for two years. God spoke to me and told us to start Mercy Ministries in St. Clair, Missouri in 2014 and that is where we are currently pastors. We have seen many souls added to the kingdom and hope to bring many more.

Tracy Godat, our Pastor's wife, has been serving the Lord over 20 years. During this time, she has co-pastored alongside Pastor Dave, and has always taught children's church. She is currently the director over our Children's ministry, and is a teacher in our 4-8 year old class.


Janette Blanner is our Assistant Director over the Children's ministry and is a teacher for the 9-12 year old class.  She has been in the Children's ministry for 15 years, and has 18 years of experience working for several local school districts as a paraprofessional after going to school majoring in Elementary Education.


Samuel Bishop, our Youth Pastor for our church while still also being a traveling Evangelist. He has traveled all over the country with us when we do our Tent Revivals. He has a burning passion for Jesus Christ so bright that even people that see him on the street corners preaching, they notice his passion for Christ. He also runs the Men's Mercy Houses and he cares for people,he tries to help people with any opportunity he can get. He was recently interviewed on The 700 Club, you can watch it here:

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